Improve your workflow and decision models by testing them just as you test your code. FlowCov provides highly integrated tools to create, merge, archive and display coverage reports.
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Create coverage reports easily

Create coverage reports for BPMN and DMN models simply by adding our testing library.

Integrates into every CI provider

FlowCov works out-of-the-box with all major CI providers and only requires a shell.

Upload reports with one line

Add our uploading script to your pipeline and see detailed coverage reports in seconds.

Create coverage reports in minutes

Simply add our testing library to your projects and generate coverage reports with every build.

Generate reports by adding just a few lines of codeSupport for Camunda, BPMN 2.0 & DMN 1.1Detailed coverage reports per unit test

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Upload and merge your reports

Merge all of your reports and get a coverage dashboard with grouping at model, class, and method level.

Integrate the upload in your CI with our scriptFind out how your coverage has changed over timeExplore your workflow coverage per model, class, and methodVisualize your models' transaction boundaries and expressionsReplay your test methods to see how your process behaves in detail

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Workflow coverage made simple.

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